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  • Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement

    Never head off to the golf course again without the Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement device! Throw away the pad and pencil to calculate all your measurements! With the click of a button, you’ll get all the distance measurement you could ever need! With its slope technology, get accurate adjusted distances to the flag. The Callaway 300 Pro measures the angle of the incline or decline you’re up against as well as calculates the slope adjusted distance displayed on the screen. Our 300 Pro Rangefinder comes with six features including slope mode, P.A.T (Pin Acquisition Technology), birdie technology, magnification, accuracy and water/fog resistance. It’s equipped with 6x magnification and 5 – 1000 yard range with +/- 1 yard accuracy. Choose whether you want to play with yards or meters to acquire distance. With our P.A.T. feature, lock up to the pin up to 300 yards away to give you an accurate distance, even if trees or other hazards are in the way. Get precise distances to the flagstick, water, trees, or bunkers. Our exclusive “Birdie” feature delivers an audible “chirp” when the laser locks in on the pin to confirm you have the correct distance. The 300 Pro Rangefinder’s slope function can be turned off with the click of a button, whi...

    • Color: Gray/Black/Red
    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B01KP195PY
    • UPC: 689769701467
    • Part No: C70146

  • Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder

    Take dead aim with superior accuracy with the Callaway 200 laser rangefinder. Ultra compact and lightweight, the 200 laser is equipped with 6x magnification and 5 - 800 yard range with +/- 1 yard accuracy. Utilize the scan feature to acquire distances to multiple targets at once, and easily switch into P.A.T. Mode (Pin Acquisition Technology) to quickly lock onto the flagstick from up to 275 yards away, regardless of any background or surrounding impediments. Water/Fog proof; includes a 1 year limited warranty.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B01KP194LE
    • UPC: 689769701429
    • Part No: C70142

  • Callaway Tour S Golf Laser Rangefinder (Slope Version)

    It’s Callaway’s most advanced laser rangefinder to date! This simple and easy to use rangefinder contains the most up to date features that will make your trip to the links more enjoyable, plus it’ll help lower your scores! Pin Acquisition Technology (P. A. T. ), Slope Compensation and Prism Mode are just some of the optics technology included in the Callaway Tour-S. Get accurate measurements very quickly including the angle of any incline or decline with adjusted distances. The Callaway Tour-S is legal for tournament play; just switch the external slope-enable button to off and get ready to play! You won’t regret taking a chance on the Callaway Tour-S!

    • Color: red
    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B07KRY8GDJ
    • UPC: 689769701658
    • Part No: C70165

  • Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder

    The Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS golf rangefinder combines the pin-seeking precision of a laser with the added convenience of GPS - all in one compact, easy-to-use device! Whether trying to carry a bunker off the tee, hitting an approach shot to the back of the green or firing at the flagstick, the Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS golf rangefinder maximizes distance information from tee to green, allowing you to pull the right club and take aim with confidence! The laser function uses a powerful 6x magnification scope to deliver precise distance measurements with superior +/- 1 yard accuracy, from a range up to 950 yards. Deploy the convenient scan feature to easily acquire distances to multiple targets at once with a single engagement, then switch into P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) mode to quickly lock onto the flagstick, even with trees and other objects in the background. The independent dual-powered design provides added assurances that you'll still be able to navigate the course even if you forget to charge the GPS component. Includes lens cloth and premium hard carry case with carabiner to hang off your golf bag for easy retrieval. Water and fog resistant, comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

    • Color: Black/Gray
    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B0792KF46K
    • UPC: 689769701214
    • Part No: C70121

  • Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder

    You have to have a steady hand if you want to get an accurate distance on your golf laser rangefinder…that is unless you have the Callaway EZ Scan Laser Rangefinder! Using a laser has never been this EZ! Golf laser rangefinders have never been designed quite like this! Made to minimize shaking when targeting the pin! But that’s not the only distance you can acquire. Use the EZ rangefinder to scan multiple targets. It features P.A.T. that delivers the most precise distance measurements without being complicated to use! This simple device has the most advance features including being able to lock onto the pin that’s up to 275 yards away with an accuracy of +/-1 yard! And if measuring in meters is what you prefer-switch the mode with just one click! Get your distance on the slope screen as well as the exterior display. The built in hand support strap allows you to grip the device and get your measurement without any shaking! Use the EZ mode feature to acquire the flagstick distance with just the click of a button. Plus, this device has a special magnahold feature that allows you to attach the device to your golf cart for easy and quick access! Say good bye to inaccurate readings, shaky hands, and complicated technology, and get your hands on the scanner that’s EZ to grip, EZ...

    • Color: grey
    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B07DYP21K6
    • UPC: 689769701665
    • Part No: C70166

  • Callaway Golf- Micro Prism Golf Laser Rangefinder

    The Callaway Micro Laser Golf Rangefinder has everything you need to make your round of 18 more enjoyable, right in the palm of your hand. It delivers the benefits of both laser and prism technology within one ultra compact, lightweight device. With a range up to 300 yards in either mode, feel confident in your yardage and take dead aim with the superior accuracy of the Callaway Micro Laser Rangefinder. Easier to use than a traditional laser, simply hold the unit out in front of you and view distance measurements via the LCD display on the back. For courses that have flagsticks with built-in reflectors, prism mode is ideal for quickly acquiring the distance to the pin with minimal effort and high degree of accuracy. To acquire distances to other objects, laser mode allows you to scan the landscape for multiple targets, such as distances to hazards, trees, front of the green, etc. When playing a course without flagstick reflectors, simply stay in laser mode throughout the round and engage P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) to lock onto the flag quickly and accurately. The easy point and shoot device is easy to use and easy to transport. The easy to read LCD screen on back of the device displays yardage.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B014RAMZYM
    • UPC: 689769701085
    • Part No: C70108

  • Callaway Golf- 200 Laser Rangefinder

    • Brand: Callaway
    • ASIN: B07BYLW5F4
    • UPC: 689769701436
    • Part No: 689769701436

  • Callaway 250 Golf Rangefinder BUNDLE | Includes Golf Rangefinder with Carrying Case, Magnetic Golf Cart Mount, PlayBetter Microfiber Towel and Two (2) CR2 Batteries

    WHAT'S INCLUDED? -Callaway 250 Golf Laser Rangefinder -Official Callaway Carrying Case -Magnetic Golf Cart Mount -PlayBetter Microfiber Towel -Two (2) CR2 Batteries About the Callaway 250 Rangefinder The Callaway 250 Laser Rangefinder, featuring P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) delivers precise distance measurements in a sleek, compact design. P.A.T. locks onto the flagstick up to 300 yards away, ensuring accuracy even when trees and other objects are in the background. The Callaway 250 is simple, easy to use, and offers pin-point accuracy. FEATURES -6X magnification -Maximum Range: 5-950 yards (5-300 yards to pin) -Superior accuracy to +/- 1 -Measure in Yards or Meters -Scan landscape to acquire multiple targets -Sleek, ergonomic, soft casing design -Water and fog resistant Dimensions: 3.7"(L) x 2.8"(H) x 1.57"(W)

    • Brand: PlayBetter
    • ASIN: B07BFF3WG3
    • UPC: 615517962965

  • GolfBuddy LR5 Laser Range Finder

    • Model: GB10-LR5
    • Color: GrayBlueRangefinder
    • Size: One size

  • Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder

    • Model: C70121
    • Color: Black/GrayBlack