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  • HailiCare Decompression Back Belt - Back Brace Back Pain Lower Lumbar Support - One Size for 29 inches to 49 inches Waists

    Feature: The item can be used for prevention and adjuvant therapy of lumbar vertebra diseases such as lumbar Intervertebral disc protrusion, disturbance of lumbar joint, hyperplasia of lumbar vertebra and so on. This belt is designed according to principle of traction, and realized vertical traction successfully, and then achieve continue traction and supporting function. Traction can promote the blood circulation of parenchyma in waist. Relieve the pains caused by lumbar muscle and rheumatism, enhance stamina and channel meridians. A couple things to consider: 1. This belt cannot be immersed into water to wash it. 2. This belt is also to avoid direct sunlight and heat, so airing it out that way is a "no!". The directions state to put it in a cool, dry place after using. Details you may concern: 1.This belt is designed to be easy to use by yourself. It wraps around the lower back and is held in place by velcro. 2. There is a clip that helps you to line up the hand pump with the inlet hose for the belt, and to keep them aligned while you pump it up. 3. A pocket on the front of the belt holds a plastic "key" that fits into the hose on the belt for deflation. 4. The key is further secured with elastic, a very thoughtful feature allowing you to deflate the belt at a moment's notice, ...

    • Color: Back Belt
    • Brand: HailiCare
    • ASIN: B00XC2OG2G
    • UPC: 711274942032
    • Part No: CR801

  • Decompression Back Belt Lumbar Traction Device for Lower Back Pain, Lower Back Brace for Men Women, One Size for 29-49 Waist

    Feature: 1, The lower back tracion device transfers the weight of your spine, decompress the spine to restore the disc to normal 2, Reduce pain and stress on pinched nerves 3, Improve the nutritional flow of your spine 4, Help to relieve pressure off pinched nerves, perfect health care tool for easy usage. 5, No pills, no appointments, long-lasting back pain relief. Specification: Length of traction belt: 45.2 inch; Before Inflation Width: 5.1 inch; After Inflation Width: 7.9 inch; Length of extension belt: 9.8 inch; Material: Outer layer: PU; Inner Layer: Cotton; Innerlayer of air inflation: TPU; Note: 1. This belt can't be immersed into water to wash it, It can be wiped with water or alcohol 2. This belt is also to avoid direct sunlight and heat, so state to put it in a cool,dry place after using. Package: 1 x Lumbar Traction belt 1 x Hand pump 1 x Extension belt 1 x Use manual

    • Color: Beige
    • Brand: EverTone
    • ASIN: B01AZUM29Q
    • UPC: 014567991428
    • Part No: AC-SO-13JU-006345

  • AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt - Lower Back Pain Relief for Herniated Disc, Sciatica, and Scoliosis for Men & Women - Includes Removable Lumbar Pad (L/XL)

    Do you suffer from lower back pain? Engage in a great deal of physical activities at work or at home? Lift and move heavy objects? Spend long hours sitting with limited movement? It is important to have one of our AidBrace Back Support Belt to aid in your daily activities because.... 1. Provides ultimate support to your lower back, abdomen and hip area to help provide relief of lower back pain 2. The design of the belt allows comfort and easily conforms to your daily activities 3. Easy to clean: gently wash with water and mild detergent 4. It helps to form correct posture and avoid back injures while working or lifting heavy loads, relieving stress on the lower back Sizes: Width measures 8.7" or 22cm for all sizes. Length (we suggest to start the measurement at the belly button) S/M: (belly: 26 - 36") L/XL: (belly: 37 - 47") 2XL/3XL: (belly: 48 - 58") IMPORTANT: Our belts must be stretched when putting them on. If you don't stretch the belt while wrapping it around it will be too small and not provide the proper support. Add to cart NOW to help relieve your back pain

    • Brand: AidBrace
    • ASIN: B01L9OCCPG
    • Part No: BSB2-LXL

  • Lower Back Brace Support Belt Stabilizing Lumbar - Protects & Relieves Back Pain with Dual Adjustable Straps & Breathable Mesh Panels - Top Rated Waist Support & Brace Belt (1 Size FITS Most)

    When doing any back breaking work, such as working out at the gym, playing golf or doing any kind of activity which puts your back at risk for injury, Try doing all those things with the supportive back brace to prevent unwanted back injuries or pain.Already suffering from back injuries or back pain?? Wear the brace on your lower back while performing your everyday activities, and the difference you'll feel will be enormous! Because of its perfectly curved design it'll fit comfortably, even while moving around, and won't hinder any activities. NOTE: Because of its width, for utmost comfort to wear the brace while in standing or laying positions, as opposed to sitting. Don't just take our word for it. Try it out and see for yourself. Buy it risk free as our 100% Satisfaction policywill allow you to receive a full refund if the brace does not meet your expectations.NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

    • Color: Back Support Belt Black
    • Brand: Dr. Flink
    • ASIN: B0714JK9PP
    • UPC: 617923779328
    • Part No: Lumber Belt

  • Compression Socks for Women and Men Sport Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Low Cut Running Gym Compression Foot Socks/Foot Sleeves 15-20 mmHg Best for Sports Nursing Athletic Edema Travel(Multi 01,L/XL)

    Whether you're an athlete that wants to excel in the game or someone dealing with pain due to an injury or a chronic condition, supporting proper blood flows to your feet is of the utmost importance. Compression Socks helps to keep blood flowing to boost athletic performance and alleviate pain due to a number of conditions.  Plantar fasciitis socks are revolutionary ankle sleeves with daily use design to help you maintain a full range of motion. Our ankle socks feature graduated compression, squeezing the foot more or less across their length of key areas to promote circulation optimally. Our ankle support socks provide a number of benefits, including:  - Extra support for the ankle  - Heel arch support for the rest of the foot  - Circulation support to fight fatigue  - Relief from pain due to plantar fasciitis and foot injuries  - Assistance with recovery after exercise  - Reduced risk of injury to the feet due to the socks' warming effect  - Moisture-wicking design to keep feet dry  With our unique design, foot sleeves can be used as ankle supports socks for athletes, as heel hugger ankle support socks for injuries or as a planter fasciitis support in place of an uncomfortable plantar fasciitis night splint or foot brace.  Wear them for:  - Everyd...

    • Color: 01 Blue/Purple/Yellow/Red/Navy/Blue
    • Brand: QUXIANG
    • ASIN: B07BDGQYM8
    • Part No: AK L/XL

  • Laneco Plantar Fasciitis Socks (3 Pairs), Compression Foot Sleeves with Heel Arch & Ankle Support, Great Foot Care Compression Sleeve for Men & Women (Black, L(US Men 8-12.5 / Women 7-10))

    Bring Life into Balance by Loving your Feet With built in Arch support, your new Plantar Socks focus compression from the ground up, offering you effective results. The compression in the arch also improves circulation, reducing inflammation and expediting the plantar Fasciitis healing process. Laneco Plantar Sleeves Targeted Compression works upward from the Arch to the ankle area, compressing the arch gently, which allows full range of motion without compromising the pain relief you deserve. Laneco Team Members are revolutionizing the Fitness and Health market, holding dear to one mission, and that's to inject a more customer-centric experience without compromising product quality.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Laneco
    • ASIN: B07CSPMGC1
    • UPC: 788000986301

  • HailiCare Physio Decompression Back Belt Back Brace Back Pain Lower Lumbar Support Back Massage, one Size for 29inches to 49 inches Waists (Beige)

    Belt will fit 29 to 49 inch waists Decompression is a proven technique endorsed by medical professionals used in both upper and low back pain treatment, without the need for surgery or drugs. Just wrap the Decompression Belt firmly around your waist, attach the pump, and inflate the belt. As the belt inflates with air, it expands vertically, gently stretching and tractioning the lower back. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs and stretch and relax tight muscles to relieve lower back pain. Because the Physio Belt fills with air, it is not bulky and very light, so you can wear this discreetly underneath your every day clothes. Wear it for just 30 minutes a day as a therapy belt. Or wear it all day while you work and play as an activity belt. You can even wear the Belt to get a restful night's sleep. The dual purpose of the Physio Belt allows you to not only get home physiotherapy, but also allows you to be active and do everything you've avoided. Treating chronic and acute back pain has never been easier. People of all ages and all sizes, from young athletes to seniors, are getting fast, long-lasting back pain relief with the Physio Belt. Remember, with the Physio Decompression Please refer to FAQ section for return policy on personal use type products

    • Brand: HailiCare
    • ASIN: B00G0TIJP8
    • Part No: CR801