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  • Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set for Women and Men - Designed for Thin and Normal Hair - Adds Shine and Improves Hair Texture - Wood Comb and Gift Bag Included (black)

    Our Story Dovahlia is a family business located in Austin, Texas. The company was founded on a strong desire to incorporate more authentic and natural beauty care products into every day life. The Product After testing and researching the market it became clear that there is no such thing as 1 brush fits all. Also, people have different hair textures and care needs. Pure Dovahlia Boar Bristle Brush is best for those that have thin, fine or normal hair and like gentle brushing while the scalp is still massaged. If you have full hair you must brush in sections. The brush comes with a wood wide - tooth comb for detangling and a travel bag. This way the set becomes part of your daily routine wherever you go. How to obtain best results? Pure boar bristle brushes are not for detangling; therefore, you need to detangle hair with Dovahlia wide-tooth comb. Let the hair dry and after that start brushing. Brush the hair in sections. When brushing, bend forward at the waist and flip hair over. Brush from the nape of your neck to the end of you hair. Remember to brush twice daily and you will see results. The manufacturer, Dova Direct offers 365 day guarantee. If you do not love this product simply contact the manufacturer for a complete no hassle refund. Add to cart now and enjoy ...

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Dovahlia
    • UPC: 646437955652
    • Part No: DDNZJS1M

  • Kent MS23D Finest Men's Military Style Dual Timber Hair Brush - Satin Wood and Beech Wood Base, with Soft, Pure White, Natural Boar Bristle. Ideal for Fine or Thinning Hair, Sensitive Scalps

    A dual timber grooming brush featuring a beautiful satin wood back and a beech wood base. Gloss sprayed to accentuate the natural shimmer of the satin wood and filled with pure white soft bristle - ideal for men with fine or thinning hair. About Kent: Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes is the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer and has maintained its British traditions of producing the world's finest hairbrushes and combs ever since. Making the best quality brushes for over 230 years and creating over 250 products. Quality, design and attention to detail go into each brush. They have been the holders of The Royal Warrant through the last nine consecutive reigns of British monarchy. The company continues to retain the craftsmanship and unprecedented quality that is Kent's reputation.Even in today's fast moving, mass-produced assembly lines, they are proud to still be manufacturing many of their original brushes by hand.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: KENT
    • ASIN: B002IBMBPQ
    • UPC: 885692938455
    • Part No: KENMS23D

  • Boar Bristle Hair Brush set - Curved and Vented Detangling Hair Brush for Women Long, Thick, Thin, Curly & Tangled Hair Vent Brush Gift kit

    mother mother's day gift What is Special About Ineffable Care's Hair Brush? ► BOAR BRISTLES - promote healthy hair through stimulation of natural oils from the scalp. ► VENTED HAIR RBUSH - this boar bristle hair brush is vented for faster drying with a blow dryer. ► DETANGLING - added nylon bristles help detangle thick hair and massage the scalp. With a mixture of natural boar bristles & nylon pins, this brush works as a perfect hair detangler while spreading oils from the root to the tip of your hair. ► CURVED & OVERSIZED HEAD - this curved hair brush has an extra large head with a curved shape that functions with all hair types by allowing optimum contact points and angles with the scalp while promoting natural hair oil stimulation. ► BENEFITS ALL HAIR TYPES - this vent brush can be used by men & women regardless the hair type. Fine hair can take advantage of the boar bristles stimulating natural hair oils for healthier hair, while thicker hair will enjoy the detangling features of this hair brush. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Start with dry hair - Brushing wet hair can cause breakage and doesn't distribute the oils well. Detangle hair first - Gently de-tangle your hair using the wide tooth nylon bristles. Brush from root to tip - Start at the root of the hair...

    • Color: Black and white
    • Brand: Ineffable Care
    • ASIN: B01D3Y6WFG
    • UPC: 611359501270
    • Part No: 611359501270

  • Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342) with Wooden Handle for Straightening, Smoothing, Detangling, Daily Maintenance, Styling & Brush Outs - All Hair Types for Women, Men, Kids

    Deville boar bristle hair brush #342 is a customer favorite – for good reasons. Regular brushing with boar bristle hair brushes were once a regular part of many women’s beauty routines. Before flat irons, curling irons and other styling methods became widely available, women used boar bristle hair brushes to smooth and set their curly hair into sultry waves. Or they brushed their thick, straight hair with boar hair bristles for deep conditioning and intense shine. Once you start daily brushing with a boar bristle hair brush, you’ll notice that your hair looks – and feels – cleaner. That’s because boar bristle brushing keeps your hair cleaner longer. No more fussing with shampoo every day. You’ll find your style or blowout will last. Beyond cleaning, boar bristle brushes also condition hair. Scalp stimulation from both hair brushing and scalp massaging helps distribute your natural sebum evenly through the hair. This helps your overall hair health and keeps those shiny locks resilient and strong. Because boar bristle brushing distributes your hair’s natural oils, you will notice fewer split ends and breakage. Over time, you’ll see stronger hair. For best results, use your boar bristle hairbrush on dry hair. Brush in smooth, even strokes from root to ends. Bend h...

    • Brand: SPORNETTE
    • ASIN: B002RL8NGI
    • UPC: 792740703425
    • Part No: SPNT-342

  • 100% Pure Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Butterfly Engraving, PW1-CLC, Extra Stiff Natural Bristles, Medium Hair Thickness, Pear Wood Handle, Made in Germany, by Desert Breeze Distributing

    The Brush Long ago in Germany's Black Forest - home to folklore and fairy tales - a brush maker began crafting the world's finest brushes. Today, his family legacy continues in the same German village it began, under the timeless watch of the Black Forest. The family's dedication to quality has never wavered. Their selection and processing of locally grown wood for the brush handles, preparation and precision cutting of the bristles, to the completion of the final product, the generations of pride are evident in every brush.The Bristles In the tropical forest of India's high country, a special type of wild boar is raised on small family farms. These animals live their lives in the freedom of the open air, not in factory farms. The boars thrive in the high temperatures and moist climate, and grow especially firm bristles. The boars are raised for their meat, but the bristles are saved for the merchant who travels from farm to farm to purchase them. It is these unique boar bristles, which come from the back of the boar's neck area, that make this brush so special. The first cut of the boar bristle is the most firm. This cut includes the root, which is the light color visible at the bristle's end. Named for the port they are exported from, Calcutta bristles require specialized tech...

    • Brand: Desert Breeze Distributing
    • ASIN: B073TRB546
    • Part No: BRSH-PW1-CLC

  • Kent OS11 Dual Timber Rectangular Club Hair Brush. Beautiful Satin and Beech Wood Base, with Ultra Soft, Pure White, Natural Boar Bristle. Ideal For Men With Fine or Thinning Hair, Sensitive Scalps

    The Kent OS11 Rectangular / Club Hair Brush. A dual timber grooming brush featuring a beautiful satin wood back and a beech wood base. Gloss sprayed to accentuate the satin woods natural shimmer and filled with pure white ultra soft boar bristle - ideal for men with fine or thinning hair. Great gift for men of all years and comes with a beautiful presentation box. Kent brushes (as they are now more commonly known) was founded in 1777 by William Kent in the reign of George iii. Kent holds a pre-eminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of its production which has been recognized by the granting of royal warrants for nine reigns. The Kent family continued to run the company for six generations until 1932 when the last of the three Kent brothers passed away. This is when mar Eric lb. cozy, owner of cozy brushes ltd, entered into an association with g. B Kent & sons. A new chapter was then opened in Kent's long history, and since that time the company has been under the creative and dynamic direction of the cozy family. Today, mar Alan hall cozy, grandson to Eric cozy is the managing director and chairman, with his wife, son and one of his three daughters working for the business. The company headquarters moved from London to t...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: KENT
    • ASIN: B002GMAY3S
    • UPC: 887420244890
    • Part No: KEN0S11

  • Kent NS04 / PF04 Natural Shine, Pure Boar Bristle, Radial Hairbrush (45mm)

    Kent Brushes Perfect for... Range of pure bristle brushes with beech wood handles. Economically designed to provide bristle hair care for everyone. This range is the perfect introduction to using bristle. The range includes radial, flat, rubber pad and handbag designs in a wide choice of sizes.Why Bristle?Natural bristle is the perfect choice for looking after hair as the scaly surface of each bristle removes dust and excess products from hair. and smoothes the cuticles on the hair shaft, leaving hair looking shiny, healthy and free from frizz.Narrow, unisex, pure bristle grooming brush. Made in beech wood with rubber inserts. For livening up flat hair, the bristle cleans the hair, promotes shine and stimulates the scalp. Best for short-medium length hair.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: KENT
    • ASIN: B003H79H52
    • UPC: 800543032687
    • Part No: KENNS04

  • Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set-Large Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush and Comb-Natural Boars Hair Mixed with Nylon Pins to Add Shine and Detangle -Ideal for Thin to Thick Hair-Essential for Women Men Girl Kids

    Don't you deserve naturally healthy, lustrous hair? Here at Decode Beauty, we think everyone deserves beautiful hair without exposing their scalps to harmful chemicals. This is why we've now "Decoded" the perfect nylon and boar bristle hair brush to satisfy your brushing and styling needs, and give you the lustrous hair that you truly deserve! Here's what you can expect from our Boar Bristle Hair Brush: Genuine boar bristles to evenly distribute natural hair oil from roots to ends Large oval cushion and curved handle ergonomically designed for comfort Anti-static nylon pins to combat frizz Round tips to avoid scratching Natural bamboo material for sustainability and antibacterial properties FREE cotton bag and FREE wooden comb to clean your brush. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We offer a FULL REFUND within 30 days of purchase and 1 Year Warranty. Your absolute satisfaction is what we strive to achieve. Don't delay, ADD the hairbrush to your cart and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of your boar bristle hair brush!

    • Brand: Decode Beauty
    • ASIN: B077LW8T3S
    • UPC: 712195848939
    • Part No: DBNBHB001

  • Wet Brush Shine Enhancer Hair Brush with Boar Bristles, Black

    • Model: BWR833BLAC
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 10.75 In10