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  • Egomall Fiber Optic Cable Tester Visual Fault Locator Portable Optical Power Meter Sc and Fc Connector Fiber Tester

    We have requested the manufacturer to detail the manual in English. The new batch will come with a clearer manual in package. Specification Model: AUA-80A Calibration Wavelength: 800~1700nm Detector Type: InGaAs Measurement Range: -70 ~ 10dBm Linearity: 0.01dB Display Resolution: 0.01dB Wave ID: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm Connector: FC/SC/ Interchangeable Alkaline battery(Not Included) Power Adapter: 8.4V Working Time: 240h without backlight Working Temperature: -10 ~ 60 Celsius Storage Temperature: -25 ~ 70 Celsius Dimension(mm): 18x8.2x2.8cm Weight: 230g Package List 1x All-IN-ONE Fiber Optical Power Meter 1x SC Conversion Head 1x User Manual 1x Canvas Bag

    • Color: fiber tester gray
    • Brand: Egomall
    • ASIN: B019OECFY6
    • Part No: CECOMINOD069791

  • uxcell Fiber Optical Power Meter with Light Source SC FC ST Connector Optic Test Equipment for CCTV CATV Communication Engineering -70dBm to 3dBm

    A reliable fiber optic power equipment is quite important in the era of high bandwidth. This hand held optic meter could help to inspect cables capabilities, calculate relative power loss, locate the fault and troubleshooting.We dedicate to providing customers with practical fiber tools, which means that you have an affordable choice for the functional and constructive optic meter.Specifications:Calibrated Wavelength (nm): 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nmDetector: InGaAsMeasurement Range (dBm): -70 - +3Input: DC 9V/1000mAResolution (dB): Linear 0.1% / Non-linear 0.01dBmConnector: SC, FC, ST/ Universal 2.5mm AdaptorOperating Temperature(C): -10 - +60Storage Temperature(C): -25 - +70Relative Humidity: 90% (+30C)Working Hours: >48 hoursSize: 190mmx100mmx48mm/7.48inx3.94inx1.89inPackage Content:1 x Optical Power Meter1 x Oxford Fabric Case1 x User Manual3 x AA Battery1 x ST, FC, SC Connector 

    • Brand: uxcell
    • ASIN: B06WGQ3CV1
    • UPC: 604267351839
    • Part No: a16121900ux0471

  • J-Deal TL510C Hand-held Optical Power Meter + TL532 10mW Visual Fault Locator Fiber Optic Cable Tester Meter for CATV CCTV Telecommunications Engineering Maintenance Cabling System

    [Overview]: TL510C handheld optical power meter is is for installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber network special design of a precise, durable, convenient portable test instrument. With clever appearance, can choose to switch back light display, automatic shutdown function, super wide optical power test range, accurate testing accuracy and new users auto-calibration function and general interface design. Specifications * Wavelength(nm): 800nm to 1700nm * Detector: InGaAs * Measurement Range (dBm): -50~+26 dBm * Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 8.5013001310149E+22 * Resolution(dB): Linear 0.1% or Non-linear 0.01dBm * Connector: SC, FC,ST/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor * Working hours: >120 hours (without backlight) * Relative Humidity: 90% (+30C) The 10mW (10-12KM)visual fault locator is used for the measurement in single-mode or multi-mode fibers. It features a rugged design, a universal connector and an accurate measurement. Specifications * Type: TL531 Pen-type Visual Fault Finder * Central Wavelength: 650nm+-10nm (635nm can be required on request) * Emitter Type: FP-LD * Output Power: 10mW * Optical Connector: 2.5mm universal connector for test different ST, SC, FC interferes * Operating Model: Both CW and Pulse available * Pulse Frequency: 2-3Hz ...

    • Brand: J-Deal
    • ASIN: B00XXPXHZ4
    • Part No: TL510C

  • Mini Optical Fiber Optic Power Meter (Model 3205) - Lightweight and Compact - Comes with Protective case and English Instructions

    PacSatSales 3205 mini handheld optical power meter is our most lightweight and compact in size testing instrument. It features ease-of-use and economy advantages and can be used for absolute power measurement in optical fibers. The 3205 in combination with any of our mini handheld light source becomes the most portable and advantageous testing pair. Fiber Professionals. Every installation needs to have flawless fiber, from signal origin to termination. And if not, the end result will be inefficiency and frustration.Proven in the field. We deliver Live Cable feeds to some of the largest racetracks and sporting venues across America, where mission critical performance is essential to our businessOptimize your Fiber - Some Fiber optic cables don't always perform out of the box, or don't operate after installation. It's essential to have the right kit in order to test for and find any sources of signal loss. Our VFL's (visual fault locator / visual fault finder), Power Meters and hybrid meters solve any problem you experience while trying to keep your fiber flowingPremium quality at a business friendly price - We provide discounts for bulk purchases so whether you're installing Fiber to the Home, Business or industrial use, our Fiber helps you keep your business successful and profit...

    • Brand: PacSatSales
    • ASIN: B06XQDSCG6
    • UPC: 682269361933
    • Part No: PSS-MOPM

  • Optic Fiber Power Meter KomShine KPM-35 Fiber Optic FTTH Maintenance + Optical Fiber Singlemode Light Source KLS-35-S

    6 calibrated wavelengths optic fiber power meter KomShine KPM-35 High Precision FTTH fiber cable test tool w/FC+SC Connector The KPM-35 Power Meter provides highly accurate power measurements, as well as reference value setting capabilities. What's more, this convenient unit requires no offset nulling, and it offers power autonomy of 55 hours, for reliable, long-lasting performance in the field. Specifications: Wavelength(nm):Wavelength(nm):850,1300,1310,1490.1550.1625nm Measurement Range:-70+3dBm Optical Connector:FC+SC+ 2.5mm universal (1.25mm for LC is Optional) Power Supply:Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries) Display Units:dB / dBm / w Resolution (dB):0.01 Dimensions/Weight:160x85x45mm / 220g Standard Accessories: User guide--1PC Certificate of Qualified-1PC FC Connectors-1PC SC Connectors-1PC Guarantee card-1PC Soft carry bag-1PCOptic fiber tester light source FTTx hand-held type fiber cable test tools with SC+FC connector The KomShine KLS-35 Light Source provides excellent stability and high measurement accuracy for up to two single mode wavelengths. It is the perfect complement to the KPM-35 Power Meter when it comes to measuring attenuation on fiber-optic linksSpecifications Wavelength(nm):1310+1550nm Typical Output Power:-5dB Optical Connector:FC+SC+ 2.5mm universal (...

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: KOMSHINE
    • ASIN: B07MNMS868

  • OPM Optical Power Meter Digital Power Factor Meter, -70~6dBm with 6 Optic Wave Length, Portable Fiber Optic Cable Tester with FC converter for FC/SC/ST

    Designed to measure the power of an optical signal. Its portable and has easy operating features, designed for professionals who totally maintain the fiber optic network. This unit is widely applied with its 6 wave length selections. The measurement is a real-time measurement. It is a continuous test and any changes will be recorded.Applications: optic fiber engineering and sensor research, optic elements production and research and other fiber optic engineering. Features:* 6 Optic wave length selection --- 850nm / 1300nm / 1310nm / 1490nm / 1550nm / 1625nm * Switch between Absolute power and Relative Power readings * Compact design, lightweight, easy to carry, operate and low power consumption * Large LCD display screen shows the testing results, easy to read * Ergonomic with universal optic interface design * FC converter for FC/SC/ST interface * With auto power off (optional) and battery indicator * Comes with English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano user manual* Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS Specifications:Measuring range: -70 ~ 6dBm Wave Length: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm Resolution: 0.05 Accuracy:Greater than or equal -48dBm, ±2dBm Less than or equal -48dBm, ±3.5dBm Units: dBm, dB Operation enviroment : Greater than or equal -48dBm   Temperature: ...

    • Brand: Gain Express
    • ASIN: B079FQZTRR
    • UPC: 600316547925
    • Part No: CAB-38

  • J-Deal® TL510C Portable Optical Fiber Power Meter Tester Measure -50 ~ +26 dBm Connector SC FC for CCTV Test

    [Overview]: TL510C handheld optical power meter is a compact and an easy-to-use testing instrument for optical fiber networks, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fibers. It features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accuracy and user self-calibration function. Features: * 1.High measurement accuracy and display resolution. * 2.Quick response and measurement:It can display fast-tracking abd real-time measurement of optical power when output power changes. * 3.Wide measurement range:it can provide 80Db of optical power measurement range * 4.Six calibrated wavelength:850nm,1300nm,1310nm,1490nm,1550nm,and1625nm * 5.Provide absolute optical power measurement and relative power measurement. * 6.Auto-off function * 7.Backlight LCD display * 8.AAA batteries which is more convenient to carry * 9.User self-calibration function Specifications * Wavelength(nm): 800nm to 1700nm * Detector: InGaAs * Measurement Range (dBm): -50 - +26 * Calibrated Wavelength(nm): 8.5013001310149E+22 * Resolution(dB): Linear 0.1% or Non-linear 0.01dBm * Connector: SC, FC,ST/ Universal 2.5mm adaptor * Power Supply: 3pcs AAA batteries * Operating Temperature(C): -10 - +50 * Storage Temper...

    • Brand: J-Deal
    • ASIN: B00XU1WKIG
    • Part No: CECOMINOD049207

  • Visual Fault Locator, GOCHANGE 30mW 30KM Red Light Fiber Optic Cable Tester Meter, Cable Test Equipment Suitable for 2.5 mm Connector, for CATV Telecommunications Engineering Maintenance

    Description: √ Easy to check fiber faults with visual fault locator, Portable and rugged,Dust-proof design keep fiber connectors clean. √ Test for both single-mode and multi-mode cables with optional 2.5mm fiber optic(Standard) connectors. √ 2.5mm Universal Connector - the connector of the detector is compatibly designed for ST, SC, FC interferes both in circle and square shape of different fiber optic cables. √ Practical Design and Excellent Function - Small size and lightweight, it is portable and easy for field test with multiple functions such as constant output power, lower battery warning, long battery life and long distance detection. √ Easy and Accurate Identification - It can easily and accurately detect and locate fiber breaks, poor connections, bending or cracking. The detector will emit a 650nm bright light for fiber tracing, breaks or faults in the fiber will refract the light, creating a bright glow around the faulty area. Specification: Laser output: 30 mW Laser wavelength: 650 nm Fiber Applications: singlemode / multimode Connectors: 2.5 mm universal connector Features: continuous wave and pulsed mode, constant output power Power: 2 AAA Batteries (Not Include) Shell material: Aluminum Dimensions: 175 mm long x 26 mm diameter Package includes: 1 x ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: GOCHANGE
    • ASIN: B01M0LC8ZE
    • Part No: GOCHANGEEtoopery922